About us

QG Lithium is a lithium mining and investment company focused on creating shareholder value through the discovery, funding and development of lithium projects, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Canada and Argentina.




QG Lithium has multiple projects and investments in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which are estimated to contain one of the most significant Lithium reserves in Sub-Saharan Africa. Further prospects are under evaluation in both Canada and Argentina.


We currently have three wholly owned prospects located in the DRC. On each of the DRC prospects, we have defined a lithium-in-brine anomaly. At our flagship property, near economic grades of lithium, potassium and boron have been discovered within a zone that measures 62 square kilometres in size.


Why Lithium? Lithium is a strategic mineral with strong and increasing demand from the portable energy sector, particularly for use in batteries to power hybrid and electric vehicles but also for the storage of solar and wind energy through flow batteries.


QG Lithium are well-positioned to exploit lithium opportunities in the geographic regions that we are focused on. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide a specialised range of services specifically for the Lithium mining industry.


Our mission is to provide the best solutions and services that provide real value to our partners, investors, shareholders, and the communities that we work with.


Executive Team

Mr. Kennesy Brouwers - Managing Director
Entrepreneur with an extensive network within the mining and energy space. Highly proficient in International trade, project finance, management and leadership. 


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